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What is the optimal light needed to grow my C-fern?

You need to provide about 80 umoles radiation per m2 per second

What is the scientific name of this organism?

The plant used in the C-fern is a derivative from the tropical fern known as Ceratopteris richardii.

How can I provide adequate sporophyte care?

C-ferns are easy to care because they need very little care. A week after fertilization has taken place, remove some of the young sporophytes and transfer them to a new petri dish with minimal medium. Let them grow in the dish for about 3 weeks in the similar conditions used to grow the gametophytes.

When you can see roots and leaves then its time to transfer the plants to a terrarium. Just keep the terrarium warm with 24 hours of illuminations and the soil moist but not soaked.

What are the water drops on the top of the petri dish?

The water drops result from condensation and it occurs when the temperature varies within the dish and the air temperature. It is best not to have condensation on the lid but a little bit of condensation is not a problem. This is why it is best to keep the temperature constant.

What is the optimal Temperature?

The optimal temperature for plant growth, and development is 82oF (28oC).