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C-Fern Project Page

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Background Information

C-fern Sperm

 Young Sporophyte
















Spores are visible with the naked eye, and appear to be little specks. They stand out against the agar background. Magnified at 140 times.

This is magnified 440 times.

Spores are haploid.


 Germination of the C-Fern spore at 7 day. Magnified 100x and illuminated from the bottom. Rhizoids shown

C-Fern lighted from above, and showing spore and emerging gametophyte magnified 100x.


This is a picture of a male plant, magnified 40x.

This is a picture of the hermaphroditic gametophyte. This picture is magnified 40x.

These pictures show the sperm of the C-fern organisms. These pictures are magnified 400x.

The sperm to the right is visible as the squiggle line near the center.


These are pictures magnified 40x and show the emerging sporophyte from the gametophyte. The gametophyte will die and allow the sporophyte to develop.


These are pictures of young sporophytes growing from the gametophytes. The plants are 3 to 4 mm tall. At this point you may transfer the young plants to a terrarium.